... to Blake Expeditions. Our information plattform is dealing with all different matters of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Life is too short to stay at the same place, isn't it? So follow us on our various trips and tours all around the world and read our reports, suggestions, sights and sounds. Our intention comes from the great sailers who travelled all around the globe and helped establishing travelling as a culture. Names such as Marco Polo, Francis Drake and apparently the late Sir Peter Blake, who obviously serves as the namesake of our web page, remain a constant inspiration for our actions.

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With www.blakexpeditions.com/ we'd like to look at different corners of the world and experience different cultures, enjoyable events and obviously the beauty of all those different natures, landscapes and architectures at the various locations. With this mind set, you'll find information on boat trips in Asia, festivals in Europe or theme-parks in America just to name a few. We also provide information for student travels and travel literature. Furthermore we're working on a cohesive review of the most watchable cities of the world, starting with Krakow in Poland. This category is still in progress so just keep checking our website from time to time to look for updates.

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City Night Live

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    After all travelling the world is an urge everybody should feel and pursue. So all we can do is provide the reader with information and adresses of different travel agencies and locations. But the intention to do this trip has to come from everyones self. Remember, life is just too short.